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5.5 Email processing functions.

Built-in Function: number email_map (string email)

Parses email and returns a bitmap, consisting of zero or more of the following flags:


email has more than one email address.


email has comment parts.


email has personal part.


email has local part.


email has domain part.


email has route part.

These constants are declared in the module. The function email_map returns 0 if its argument is not a valid email address.

Library Function: boolean email_valid (string email)

Returns ‘True’ (1) if email is a valid email address, consisting of local and domain parts only. E.g.:

email_valid("") ⇒ 1
email_valid("gray") ⇒ 0
email_valid('"Sergey Poznyakoff <>') ⇒ 0

This function is defined in (see Modules).