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The ‘pic’ format displays or stores on disk attached pictures. It supports the following options:

-v prog
--viewer prog

Use prog to view images (default: xv).

-d text
--description text

Look for pictures with this descriptive text.

-m type
--mime-type type

Look for pictures with this MIME type.


Store pictures on disk, instead of displaying them. The picture names are created by expanding the file name template, given with the following option:

-f template
--file template

Set the template for output file names (implies –store). The template can contain the following meta-characters:

CharExpands to
~DInput file directory part
~NInput file base name
~CContent description
~TMime type without the ‘image/’ prefix
~PPicture type
~IPID of the idest process

The default template is ‘/tmp/~I-~N.~T’.


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