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9 Examining File Structure

The --info (-i) option instructs idest to show the structure of input files. The output is formatted as a sequence of keyword / value pairs, as shown in the example below:

$ idest --info jt_lluny.mp3
file: jt_lluny.mp3
ntags: 2
version: 2.4.0
offset: 0
length: 2131
version: 1.1
offset: 2725554
length: 128

The first two lines show the name of the input file and the number of ID3 tags in it. Following are tag descriptions formatted as three values for each tag. The ‘version’ line shows the tag version (major and minor numbers, separated by dots). The ‘offset’ line shows the offset of this tag in the file, and the ‘length’ line contains size of this tag in bytes.