4.3 BIND Configuration File

This is the format used by the ISC BIND configuration files. In general, it is pretty similar to the ‘Grecs’, except that it does not support neither here-documents, not list values. Some of its features, such as ‘acls’ and ‘allow-*’ lists do resemble lists, but are not them in reality. Such “suspicious” statements are represented as simple statements. For example, the following statement in ‘named.conf’:

allow-transfer {
.allow-transfer.!: ""

Another exception is the ‘controls’ statement, which doesn't fall well into the general syntax of BIND configuration file. Therefore a special rule is applied to handle it. In the effect, the following statement:

controls {
    inet port 953
        allow {;; } keys { "rndc-key"; };


.controls: (inet,, port, 953, allow, \
              (,, keys, (rndc-key))